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The Avebury and Stonehenge World Management Site Plan 2015 has been published as a consultation draft and is available to view here, or see the summary document on the right of this page.

Sarah Simmonds, Avebury's World Heritage Site Officer, will be at the Social Centre from 1.30 to 7.00pm on Thursday 15 January to answer your questions and receive your comments on the draft Management Plan.


The Parish Council is the level of local Government nearest to the people of Avebury Parish. This covers the following areas: Avebury village, Avebury Trusloe, Beckhampton and West Kennett.

A Parish like Avebury was usually formed around a village or small community and may have originally been centred around the Parish Church. The Church and the state separated but the same areas are now represented by the Parish Council & the Church by the Parochial Church Council.

Avebury is a World Heritage Site and the Stone Circle is owned by English Heritage and run by the National Trust. The National Trust own much of the land and several of the houses in this Village. Many of the houses are tenanted as is Manor Farm. Avebury. Many visitors arrive in the area to see the stone circle and to wander round the dykes. Nearby is Silbury Hill, West Kennett Long Barrow and the Sanctuary.

Avebury is well served by other groups within the area, i.e. The Over 60's Club, The Womens Institute, an active Church and a Working Mens Club. The Chapel at the top of the High Street and within the Chapel, a Tourist information centre.

The Social Centre (opposite the Church in the High Street) holds many functions during the year. For Booking this, please contact Mrs Joan Greenaway.


Meetings of Avebury Parish Council are held on the 1st Tuesday of each month except for August and January when there are no meetings.




pdf logo.pdf
Summary Draft: Avebury and Stonehenge WHS Plan 2015
December 2014

pdf logo.pdf (6MB)
Draft: Avebury Traffic Plan
19 June 2013

or html:

Draft: Avebury Traffic Plan

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Avebury Parish Council (APC) has a new statutory duty to publish members' disclosable pecuniary interests.
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